[Cafe Villamor]

Coffee and a Climb at 825 Ilaniwai st, right off Ward Ave

 Located front of HiClimb bouldering gym in Kaka'ako
Coffee Drinks, Protein Smoothie Shakes, Healthy Acai Bowls and more!

 Café Villamor started as a passion project by owner Kyla Villamor. After working in Coffee Education and Quality for 10 years training a generation of Baristas in Hawaii, Kyla launched Cafe Villamor to provide a café experience focused on education, quality and fitness. 

Here at Cafe Villamor, we have specially crafted our menu with healthy choices in mind so that you know whatever we serve, you can know it's good for your mind, body and soul. Come and try a coffee experience by the queen barista located on Ilaniwai St at the entrance of HiCilmb Gym.

As we develop our cafe as part of HiClimb, a 17,000 sq/ft climbing and fitness gym located in Kakaako

Located alongside HiClimb Gym

17,000 sq/ft climbing and fitness gym

Building up Kakaako with Local Quality

Exploring the new frontier of Kaka'ako

Specialty coffee sourced from around the world and skillfully brewed by our nationally acclaimed baristas who work to share their passion for coffee education
Specialty Coffee, Acai Bowls, Protein Smoothies, and everything you need to be fit and active in Kakaako 




No gym membership required to enjoy our cozy cafe where we will have ample indoor and outdoor seating.