[Cafe Villamor]

Coffee and a Climb at 825 Ilaniwai st, right off Ward Ave

 Located front of HiClimb bouldering gym in Kaka'ako
Coffee Drinks, Bagels, Protein Smoothie Shakes, Healthy Acai Bowls and more!

Sorry, we are closed May 31 to June 2nd. 

MothersMothers Day Crafts & Coffee event hosted by Aika Watanabe @aikawabe.designs

Craft handmade gemstone bracelets with a drink and pastry included.

$40 per person for the service, bracelet, drink and pastry

$10 for any added bracelets

DM @cafevillamor for more details

A Latte Thanks Throwdown

This is our thanks to those who donated to our gofundme. So we are hosting a Latte Art Throwdown event. Free entry fee for Baristas to compete. Just message https://www.instagram.com/cafevillamor/ for sign up! 

Hey everyone, Gabriel here. I need to share some unfortunate news with you all. Early this morning, our beloved Cafe Villamor was burglarized. They broke in and stole Kyla's lockbox, register, deposit box and parts of our POS stations.

To make matters worse, Kyla has been at home sick the last few days and I've been working at 'Iolani Fair, which means we hadn't had the chance to empty the registers/lockbox as we usually do at night – a truly unlucky timing of events.

Despite feeling heartbroken and shaken by this incident, we don't want it to become a negative memory for our community. Instead, we've decided to turn this into an opportunity to bring everyone together and celebrate the good times. We're launching this GoFundMe campaign to help Kyla recover from this setback and get Cafe Villamor back on its feet. I'll be handling the event organization and fundraiser, but feel free to give Kyla some well wishes when she's back at the Cafe.

In appreciation of your support, everyone who donates will be invited to a private Coffee & Latte Art Throwdown event that we'll organize after Kyla's birthday. It'll be a night of fun, community, coffee, and most importantly, a celebration of the spirit that makes Cafe Villamor so special. We will also auction and sell off a few of our house plants so you can take a little of Kyla's Cafe home with you!

We know times are tough for everyone, but any contribution, big or small, will make a difference. If you're unable to donate, please consider sharing our GoFundMe campaign with your friends and family. We're grateful for your support and look forward to coming back stronger than ever. Any funds exceeding our drive will go towards getting Kyla a more secure safe & POS system, cover the costs rekeying of the building and supporting ongoing community events such as the one we are throwing for this GoFundMe.

Thank you all for being part of our Cafe Villamor community. We'll get this sorted out as soon as we can and be back to serving you all amazing coffee.

With love and gratitude,

Gabriel (and Kyla)

Or if you'd like to use Venmo, you can send donations to Kyla below. You'll still get an invite to the Latte Art Throwdown!

Hello coffee lovers!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new blog, featuring some of my talented employees who are studying marketing and graphic design. As a class project, they will be using my cafe as a case study to explore the world of coffee and its many nuances.

Through this blog, we will be documenting our travels and exploration of all things coffee, from the beans to the brewing methods, and everything in between. We'll be sharing our experiences and insights as we discover new flavors, techniques, and trends.

Our goal is to create a community of coffee lovers who share our passion for this wonderful beverage. Whether you're a seasoned barista or just enjoy a perfect single origin pourover, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.

So please, check out our blog and follow us as we explore the world of coffee. We can't wait to share our experiences with you and hear your thoughts and feedback.

Thank you for your support and we'll see you at the cafe!

We started with a Tour of Kelowna, BC and Vancouver, BC and just added in San Francisco, USA and Honolulu, HI

New Spring Drinks!

Spring Mediterranean Bagel

Krispy Kartel Vegan Rice Krispies

Latte Art Poured just for you!

D&D Community Nights 



Midnight Makapu'u Bowl

Koko Head Bowl

Stairway to Heaven Bowl

Seasonal Specials Check in often

Party and Picnic Packs available

Bakery Goods
Daily Flavors

Specialty Teas
Herbal and Classic

Avocado Toast Bagel

Turkey Pesto Bagel




No gym membership required to enjoy our cozy cafe where we will have ample indoor and outdoor seating.